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5 Things Your REALTOR® Wished You Knew….

 1. We WANT you to ask lots of questions. One of the hardest part of our job as your REALTOR®* is filling you in on a wealth of information without being alarmist in such a short amount of time. We’ve been through this process 100s of times and even we haven’t seen it all (but we’ve probably heard about it from other REALTORS®!) We want you to be in the best position possible to buy or sell your home with confidence. Please ask us questions! We’re not just the person that unlocks the door so you can look in the house, we’re here as your personal real estate resource from beginning your search to handing you your keys!


2. We want to know your long-term goals. This may seem a little “deep” but if you have an end goal, which you should, we want to know about it. Looking to move out of the area and retire? Selling your house is just one piece of the puzzle. You are committed to leaving this home behind, grossing a little sum of money for the move, and making a smooth transition to your new life in Hawaii. Keeping your eye on the prize keeps both you and your REALTOR® focused on what really matters. Lose sight of that end-goal and you might find yourself squabbling about little details and complicating the whole process for yourself, your REALTOR®, and your potential buyers.


3. We partner with you; we’re not your decision-maker. Our profession is often misunderstood by both buyers and sellers when they assume we are going to TELL them what to do at every turn. We are advisors-YOU are the decision-maker! However, as the “coach” we will be laying down all the options and giving you a choice of your most desirable scenarios (based on your long-term goals!) Real estate is full of choices and risks. Based on our extensive experience and interactions with other players within the transaction we may have to tell you honestly that the decision you are making would likely kill the deal. But if that’s what you choose, that’s what we’ll enact for you.


4. We do the majority of our work for you when you are not right in front of us. There is more going on behind the scenes than you realize. When we aren’t showing you homes or talking to you on the phone, we’re researching homes, calculating costs, calling other REALTORS® for the inside scoop, analyzing disclosures, organizing homes to send you, investigating neighborhoods, creating appointments to show you homes, scheduling them based on time and location-you get the picture. 😉 The point is: All of these items I listed above are just the ones going on before we write an offer for you! We dig into the market for our clients, and we are fierce about how we go about it. In return, we hope our clients remain loyal to our endeavors for them, and if there’s ever a doubt in their mind, reach out to us! Ask questions, shoot us an email, text, call us! We are here for you when you need us and we stand by our work.


5. We don’t control the market; we do have the experience to navigate it. Setting realistic expectations for our clients concerning the real estate market just keeps getting more difficult as prices continue to rise and inventory continues to shrink. Buyers can’t mask their disappointment when competing in this market, and Sellers can’t be talked down into a reasonable listing price, (then they wonder why their house isn’t getting any showings!) This new type of Buyer isn’t in the mood to be taken advantage of, but if you present them with a jewel, they will pay through the teeth for it. Sellers see homes selling 300k over listing price and they can’t understand why their home with 1 more bedroom would sell for 100k less than the home down the street. No one can put their finger on the exact “why?” however, one thing holds true: the MARKET dictates the sale price. Not the REALTOR®, not the seller, not the buyer. The buyer may want to pay $1,200,000 but gets pushed up to $1,250,000 by a multiple offer situation. The seller may want $1,400,000 while the REALTOR® advised a list price 1,199,000 based on the comparable properties in the area. Your REALTOR® needs you to listen to their advice! For Sellers, you can overprice and kill the house dead (pull it off the market for a while and then try again), or you can slightly under-price and cause a frenzy (procure multiple offers and massage the price up), or you can try to nail the price on the head and wait for just one good offer (however long it takes.) Those are your only options. Buyer agents will provide their clients with a comp report prior to making an offer giving a price range (based on facts & market activity) the property will fall into price-wise. How badly do you want THIS house? What are you willing to pay for it based on the facts? That’s up to you-we’re just here to provide our clients with the facts and offer you the utmost knowledgeable advice.


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*The REALTOR® trademark is more than just a real estate practitioner: they must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that protects clients, the public, and other real estate agents. The term REALTOR® is not only a trademark owned by NAR and protected by federal law, it’s a valuable membership benefit that distinguishes members from other real estate licensees.


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